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I discovered the first heart-touching video approximately nine days (prior to December 7, 2016) ago after searching the word ‘Christmas’ online. The video is part of an article by Mr. Jeff Westover, titled ‘The Best Christmas Carol You Have Never Heard’ which includes the beautiful lyrics of ‘The Wexford Carol’. I’ve viewed this charming video several times since that day. Now, in addition to the video’s story being a favorite, the lyrics of the beautiful music are a favorite, too! They’re so delightful that I desired to share them; I hope you all enjoy this video’s story and music. View the lyrics to ‘The Wexford Carol‘.

I discovered the second and third video, Thanksgiving Day 2017, while searching for Inspirational Christmas videos. I thought each of them would be great to share here, as they are great reminders about the ‘Christ’ of Christmas.