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Christmas Decor: Minimalist Bathrooms

Hello, Everyone! It’s the third week of January and I hope you’ve had more delightful moments than you thought you would! Today, we’re enjoying the beauty of a few minimally decorated-for-Christmas bathrooms (powder rooms). Each bathroom is a beauty and the decor accents of wreaths, plants, Christmas tree statues and miniature Christmas trees are clever minimalist touches.  As we can see bathrooms are another great space to enjoy lovely Christmas Decor in, year-round!

I hope you’ll enjoy viewing these beautiful bathrooms’ decor.  Now, as always, I’m grateful for each of you, all year! Thank-you for being here and enjoying Christmas, so much!

Christmas Decor: Trees in the Conservatory

Hello, Everyone! Today, we’re enjoying the beauty and ambiance of Christmas trees on display in a conservatory (sun room). Below, you will see daylight views and night-time/dusk views of a very inviting conservatory, with its Christmas trees. I think conservatories/sun rooms are wonderful spaces to enjoy the ambiance of beautiful Christmas Decor in, year-round!

Well, my words are few for this post and I hope you enjoy viewing the blissful, beautiful sun room’s decor.

As always, I’m grateful for each of you, all year! Thank-you for being here and enjoying Christmas, so much!

Christmas Decor: Bedroom – Silver, Pewter, Platinum & Black Ornaments

Hello, Everyone and ‘Happy New Year!  I hope you all have enjoyed the first four days of January 2018!  Here, at It’s Ever Christmas, it is Christmas each day, so “Merry Christmas!”, as well!  Today, I’m sharing Christmas staging/styling ideas for a, predominantly, silver/pewter/platinum and black decor theme.  The first half of this post features the lovely Christmas Bedroom decor display created by Doreen Cagno of Hymns & Verses.  Her Christmas Decor’s dominant color is a silvery gray among other shades of gray.  The second half of this post features another gorgeous bedroom’s bedding and another gorgeous Christmas tree, decorated in a sublime black and gray(s) theme!  Of course, there’s more to staging/styling than the trees, wreaths and garland.  When I have additional complimentary images to share, I’ll add them to each post. For next week’s post I’m featuring another residential room, and will resume bedroom decor throughout 2018.

As always, I hope you enjoy this post of Christmas staging/styling ideas.  Thank-you for stopping by at It’s Ever Christmas and for enjoying Christmas!

Doreen Cagno's Hymns & Verses Comfy, Cozy Winter Bedroom
Image courtesy of HymnsandVerses

Doreen Cagno's Hymns & Verses Isaiah 9:6 Plaque and Christmas Tree in Vintage Laundry BasketImage courtesy of HymnsandVerses

HorizenSel Glam Classic Bedroom DesignsImage courtesy of HorizenSel

Silver & Black Christmas Tree decor themeImage courtesy of Pinimg

Christmas Decor: Bedding – Silver & Gold Ornaments

Hello, again, Everyone!  I hope you all have enjoyed each day of December 2017, to date!  We have one more day of 2017 to enjoy, reach a great goal, and do something kind for someone else.  Additionally, for many of us it is another day to celebrate Christmas!  With such a celebration in mind, today’s post features a silver and gold theme for Christmas Decor.

As I’ve stated before, “When I see Christmas trees that are decorated with exquisite ornaments and other gorgeous items, I think of the great talents and skills of the artisans/designers/manufacturer. Because the ornaments are so exquisite their beauty reflects the excellence intended, with the design. Of course, such intentional excellence and beauty causes me to think of ‘Christ’ of Christmas, the Giver of the talents and skills, and His excellence and beauty for all people.”

In today’s post, as is often the case, I’ve included large images of the ornament collections, decorated Christmas trees and bedding/bedrooms for you to enjoy.  I’d like for you to keep the thought in mind that you can choose the ornaments of a collection that are the best hue, color, and pattern choices for the bedding you have or that you choose; this is the case for each of the previous bedroom/bedding posts, as well.

Thank-you for being here at It’s Ever Christmas and for enjoying Christmas! Let’s meet here again, in 2018, and share a “Happy New Year!” together!

Image courtesy of Balsam Hill

Image courtesy of Frontgate

J. Queen New York Sicily Damask Chenille Comforter Set from Dilliard'sImage courtesy of Dillard’s

Christmas Decor: Bedrooms – White, Silver, Sage & Rouge Ornaments

Merry Christmas, Everyone! Today is the ‘official’ day of celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ (Anointed One) a.k.a. Christ Jesus. As you may know He came to Earth, to humanity, as a baby (as represented by Nativity scenes. Also, as you may know He came because He loved humanity (the world) so much He established a way for humanity/humans to live in His love (& blessings) forever, that is, eternally. Wow! Isn’t His love amazing; He loves ALL of us!! WE humans are His WORLD! If you haven’t already overcome your fear of Him and get to know Him; He’ll help you. Remember He LOVES you, too! His presence is the reason we feel such a wonderful ambiance as we enjoy Christ-mas decor, particularly the lighted Christmas tree! Let’s enjoy another post of ideas of how to enjoy His glorious ambiance year-round through the symbolic Christmas decor.

Christmas fans, as you can see from previous posts, I’ve been enjoying collecting bedroom images for Christmas Decor Staging/Styling possibilities to share with you. In the previous posts, I’ve shared Christmas tree decor examples for a variety of colors. Today’s post focuses on white, silver, red and green as the decor colors. It’s my “White Christmas” for you! This week’s exquisite, ornament collection is the Christmas in Connecticut 60-Piece Ornaments Collection (Frontgate).  The beautiful/handsome bedrooms images, below, feature bedding & other bedroom decor that the Christmas in Connecticut Ornaments Collection could be visually complimentary on Christmas wreath(s), garland(s), tree(s),  and fireplace mantle(s). The bedroom bedding images I’ve selected are a few of the beautiful possibilities. Just imagine the gorgeous tree featured below, in one of the bedrooms featured today. In your mind’s eye can you see how attractive that is?! I hope you will enjoy having that kind of ambiance in your bedroom(s) this season, and even year-round! As you may know there are options for automating the lights therefore, you can go to sleep enjoying the ambiance in bed, knowing they’ll turn off automatically or via remote control! I think this type of Christmas decor is a lovely way to be serenely, even blissfully, mindful of Cristes Maesse all year (and what He means to our daily lives). As always, I hope you enjoy this post, and have a heavenly Christmas Day, Week & Year (even as you handle life’s challenges victoriously with His help).

P.S. Doesn’t the dog look so cute wearing his plaid scarf?!

Image courtesy of Frontgate

Christmas in Connecticut 60-Piece Ornaments Collection on Tree from FrontgateImage courtesy of Frontgate

Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Image courtesy of Wayfair