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Christmas Decor: Heavenly Teal, Turquoise & … Ornaments are The Bling!

Holiday 2015


As you peruse this collection of exquisite ornaments in teal, turquoise, ecru, pewter and other colors, I believe that you all will agree with me that their appearance speaks for them and tells why I chose to share them, here. The beautiful design and artistry of the ornaments is a part of what makes the overall ambiance so heavenly!


Christmas Decor: Farmhouse Dining & Peppermint Candles

This is such a beautifully-cozy ‘Christmas dinner’ setting! The tablescape is so inviting; the peppermint-like candles add a just-right amount of red to compliment the napkins. Adding the peppermint-like candles to the chandelier is the whimsical-touch that continues from the tablescape. The room’s furniture adds to the welcoming ambiance of the dinner-table. The short and plump Christmas tree is simply cute! I’d enjoy having dinner with other guests in this gorgeous setting.



Christmas Decorations in August!


"Christmas All Year, It's Ever Christmas!" on image of Evergreen wreath with Christmas bow, Christmas Tree decorated with Child-themed ornaments, Christmas tree decorated with Cross and Nativity, and Carved Nativity with Evergreen tree on hayHello, Everyone!  It’s August, a beautiful month with a royal name.  As I write this post, I can see my gorgeous, evergreen Christmas wreath with beautiful ornaments and battery-operated lights, hanging on my office wall, just beyond my desk.  I’ve kept it up, beyond December, the traditional season for such decor.  Why do I have this evergreen wreath up, year-round, beyond December?  I keep this evergreen wreath up because I enjoy focusing on the bliss of Christmas, year-round!

Yes, the traditional Christmas season is months away, yet many of us carry the Spirit of Christmas with us every day! Our daily lives have the presence of that uplifting, soothing ambiance because of Christ’s Spirit being with us. We have Emmanuel with us.  (He’s also identified as the ‘God’, the ‘Universe’ & the ‘Creator’ of the universe, including humans.).  Of course, having the Spirit of Christmas each day means we are kind and charitable at home, at work, in business, as we shop, as we run errands, as we dine out and in all other interactions daily, and every month.  Consequently, living this way brings great joy to others and ourselves!

As in the traditional season/month of December, placing a beautifully-decorated Christmas tree or other evergreens such as a wreath or garland, on display, is a symbol of His ‘evergreen’, ever-present Spirit. This is why ‘Christmas All Year, It’s Ever Christmas’ resonates with so many people. We are enjoying ‘The Gift’ of Christ’s Spirit, all year, far over and beyond the delightful gifts we receive and give to each other. So, if you all have some form of Christmas decor displayed so that you (and others) can see it and enjoy it all year, we are kindred spirits in this!