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UPDATE – April 27, 2018: Hello, Everyone. I’ve planned to, finally, move It’s Ever Christmas (IEC) to self-hosted WordPress in May 2018! Also, I’ve been caring for my Mom for 2+ years, full-days. As she continues to improve and resume independence, I expect to share posts more frequently on IEC, too. Thank-you for your great loyalty! You all are amazing and I appreciate you!

Hello, Everyone and, “Thank-you!” for following this blog, ‘It’s Ever Christmas’. Earlier this year, I placed the following information, below, in the BLOG’S SIDEBAR. In it, as you can see, I mentioned migrating this blog to ‘ad-free’ WordPress this year. Well, in July/August I discovered that I would not be able to migrate those of you that follow ‘It’s Ever Christmas’ via Social Media. So, in order to not lose you, I won’t migrate to ‘ad-free’ WordPress until I can migrate all of you that continue to follow. I appreciate your ‘follow’ and I’m looking forward to sharing more ‘Christmas’ with you, year-round!

It’s Ever Christmas – About Images & Ads

Hello, Everyone and thank-you for following this blog,’It’s Ever Christmas’! As you may know, my goal is to feature attractive Christmas-themed decor images along with Christmas-related quotes and videos, year-round. In an effort to do so, recently I’ve added images and videos from retailers because some of the most beautiful images, of exquisite decor, come from retailers. These images and videos are shared freely (are not ads/affiliates), and credited as they would be similar to a Pinterest pin and Houzz embed, so that their owners/photographers/retailers receive credit for their work. WordPress does feature its own ads, at times. I will be migrating this blog to ‘ad-free WordPress’ this year (5777/2017)!

I’m looking forward to sharing more beautiful images with you as I discover them and create them. I am so delighted that you all have been enjoying the quotes, images and videos! Thanks again, for enjoying the content and for following!