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Ready to get your gorgeous, twinkling Christmas Décor Staging & Styling installed, now? “Yes!” O.K., great! Let’s initiate our ‘It’s Ever Christmas’ project together! I’m looking, delightfully, forward to working with you for your ‘Christmas Now/Your 25th’ locations!

‘It’s Ever Christmas’ service for your ’25th’ installs attractive, complimentary, space-enhancing Christmas Décor for clients’ spaces, providing custom, bespoke décor for each location. The bespoke décor services include, upon request:


  • wreaths ~ swags/sprays ~ garlands ~ mantles ~ doors, interior ~ doors, exterior ~ trees ~ topiaries ~ hand-crafted ornaments ~ luxe/luxury
  • ornaments ~ table settings ~ tree-house displays ~ shed displays ~ fence & gate displays ~ window displays ~ on-site decorating ~ off-site
  • decorating w/ delivery ~ off-site decorating w/ pick-up ~ e-Christmas Decor Styling ~ un-install/take-down


  • each service listed above is available to you
  • feature the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images in a YouTube and/or Vimeo video
  • an ‘evergreen’ post of the YouTube and/or Vimeo video(s) on my ‘It’s Ever Christmas blog‘
  • feature your listing details, YouTube and/or Vimeo video(s) on a Responsive/Mobile-friendly, Custom/Bespoke landing page web-page
  • Pin the ‘before’ and ‘after’ results/multi-media to one or more Pinterest board(s)
  • Share your listings’ ‘before’ and ‘after’ results/multi-media to other social media.

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Christmas Ambiance & Blissful Décor, All Year by Michelle Boddie
Christmas Ambiance & Blissful Décor, All Year by It’s Ever Christmas at Gravatar.