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Christmas Decor: Traditional Elegance in the Living Room

Source: via Patricia Brown on FeedPuzzle

Everything in this rooms is staged so beautifully! The tree’s decorations are lovely.  The wreath is gorgeously-plump with ornamentation over the fireplace and the stocking and garland at the mantle are cute.  Last, yet certainly not least, the chairs, pillows, presents,  coffee table and other furnishings complete this rooms styling/staging perfectly!


Christmas Decor: Rustic Luxe Tree & Mantle

The simplicity of the Christmas tree’s décor and coordinated wrappings on the gifts compliment the décor that is visible on the mantle, shelves and hearth, as well as the colors of the blinds, fireplace trim and painted walls, and this level of coordination creates a harmonious, cohesive look. Everything displayed here is so beautiful!

Christmas Decor: Zero Ornamentation & Thousands of Lights


The unfussy, brilliant, glowing, elegant gorgeousness of this no-ornamentation Christmas tree is perfect in that beautiful room! Well done, Lord Design.