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Christmas Decor: Holiday Dining in the Conservatory

This tree and gorgeous table setting are presented so elegantly in this heavenly conservatory.  The one thing that would make the entire view enchantingly romantic is twinkling lights throughout the trees that are visible through the conservatory’s pretty windows!

Christmas Decor: Frontgate’s Exquisite Christmas Decor

Exquiste Holiday 2016 Decor featured in video


I am a fan of Frontgate and this video beautifully features their home, seen in the image posted at Christmas Decor: The Front Door & the Foyer. ALL of the Christmas Decor Styling (CDS) featured in this video is totally exquisite! The choice of Christmas decor, furniture, furnishings, music, photography and videography are p-e-r-f-e-c-t!  So, don’t miss anything:  view this video ‘full-screen’!  CDS is what we do for your spaces and places, now and year-round, too!


Christmas Decor: Snowy-White Tablescape & Glass Trees

This dining room is staged with snowy-white as the dominant color of the dining decor on, and around, the table and the Christmas tree (in the corner). Every part of this elegant setting works so well together. Among my favorite accents on the table are the pearl-like beading on the charger-plates and the glass/crystal trees.


Christmas Decor: Farmhouse Dining & Peppermint Candles

This is such a beautifully-cozy ‘Christmas dinner’ setting! The tablescape is so inviting; the peppermint-like candles add a just-right amount of red to compliment the napkins. Adding the peppermint-like candles to the chandelier is the whimsical-touch that continues from the tablescape. The room’s furniture adds to the welcoming ambiance of the dinner-table. The short and plump Christmas tree is simply cute! I’d enjoy having dinner with other guests in this gorgeous setting.