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Christmas Decor: A Tree for the Tots’

The totally cute Christmas tree featured in the tots’ bedroom (in the picture above) looks ‘just-right’ for little ones. Children enjoy the beauty, joy and excitement of Christmas decor so much! So, naturally, we want them to be able to enjoy Christmas decor in their rooms, and not have to wait until they are in the living/family room or another room to enjoy it.  Consequently, when selecting Christmas decor for a child’s room choose age-appropriate Christmas decor preferably with:

  • a child-friendly theme
  • pillow-soft ornaments that are harmless if a child falls on them
  • ornaments that do not have parts that are a choking-hazard
  • organically-made material(s)
  • Eco-friendly material(s)
  • no Christmas lights that operate via electricity or batteries (due to the potential for hazards for young children)
  • no food-like, nor candy-like decor (due to the potential for hazards for young children)

Following those tips, and others you know of, as you decorate your spaces and rooms will help the children enjoy the beauty, joy and excitement of Christmas decor, safely.


Christmas Decor: Frontgate’s Exquisite Christmas Decor

Exquiste Holiday 2016 Decor featured in video


I am a fan of Frontgate and this video beautifully features their home, seen in the image posted at Christmas Decor: The Front Door & the Foyer. ALL of the Christmas Decor Styling (CDS) featured in this video is totally exquisite! The choice of Christmas decor, furniture, furnishings, music, photography and videography are p-e-r-f-e-c-t!  So, don’t miss anything:  view this video ‘full-screen’!  CDS is what we do for your spaces and places, now and year-round, too!


Christmas Decor: Ribbon-styled Trees

These three gorgeous Christmas trees have their ornamentation accented with beautiful ribbon in complimentary, coordinated patterns and colors.  Each tree is an attractive example of a unique style for different rooms of your home, restaurant, center, office and/or other spaces!