Christmas Decor: Silver & Gold Ballerina Ornament

ballerina ornament, Christmas tree ornament

Hello, Everyone! This silver and gold glass-like ballerina ornament is so pretty! I think this ballerina ornament would look lovely on a tree with other luxe, glass-like, glass and crystal ornaments with touches of silver and gold, as well.


Christmas Decorations: Blue-Green Evergreen Wreath

Christmas wreath on display

Hello, Everyone! I think this wreath is one of the prettiest I’ve seen. I appreciate the mix of natural elements, metallic ornaments and the ‘porcelain’ bells/cups.  This wreath is so attractive that it would look lovely on display each season.

Christmas Decor: Luxe Violin Ornament

Christmas ornament violin/viola

Hello, Everyone! When I saw this beautiful instrument ornament it reminded me of childhood days when me and my sister, Quinn, were taking violin and viola lessons. I still appreciate and enjoy violin-music, very much. A few of these beautiful ornaments would be lovely on trees of/for the violin/viola lovers, don’t you think?

Christmas Decor: Themed Tea Lights

Christmas-themed tea lights/candle jarsChristmas-themed tea lights/candle jars

Hello, Everyone! Aren’t the Christmas-themed tea lights/candles gorgeous? They’d look lovely in a display in a boutique, around the house and on your favorite desk! The roses-themed & hearts-themed ones are too!

It’s Ever Christmas News: Moving Day

Hello, Everyone. I’ll be moving It’s Ever Christmas (IEC)  to self-hosted WordPress, tonight!  Followers, I thank all 4749 of you.  Again, I apologize to the 4341 I unintentionally disconnected while following Twitter’s new rules!  I apologize, in advance, to the 408 Followers, that may be ‘disconnected’ tonight.  Again, you all are amazing and I appreciate everyone’s great loyalty!  I hope to re-connect with all of you after the move is complete, still at!


UPDATE 6/23/2018:  Hello, Everyone!  I am editing the new WordPress(.org) website for this blog.  I’ve been ‘trying out’ various layouts since the date of this post.  Now, I’m working on the pages of the new website and once it’s done this blog-site will be ‘’ again.  Thank-you for your great patience as I make this delightful transition!